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I love knowing I’ve helped you achieve your goal and I LOVE to see your amazement when you achieve your goal on such a low training volume!

Triathlon Training Plans For The Real World

Imagine how you'll feel once you've SMASHED your triathlon goals, knowing you've trained less and you're even fitter than ever!

Triathlon swimming in Bala lakeThrough triathlon coaching I facilitate age-group ‘real world’ triathletes like you to succeed in triathlon, especially if you’re challenged to balance triathlon with family life, work, or social life.

You'll learn how to succeed in your triathlon and keep your boss, spouse and friends happy!

So, this is for you if you need an effective triathlon training plans that increases your fitness return on time invested by keeping training volume low for as long as possible.

You have a life outside triathlon and for success in both you need a balance. Zero guesswork in your plan resulting in confidence you can reach the finish line fresh!

If this is you then my triathlon team approach and online triathlon team is right for you. The triathlon plans or online triathlon coaching are NOT for you if you want to have to squeeze in endless training hours.

You want a traditional volume based training plan, and you expect to swim, bike and run ridiculous distances weekly. If this is you, you need to go to one of the numerous other triathlon coaches available.

Mission Project Tri

Triathlon Coaching Team Approach For Better Results

Did you ever hear of a top athlete who achieved their goal on their own? Or a top team of athletes training alone? Being part of a team has the following benefits:

Supportive community
And lots more… enough for an entire article!

Are you wondering how is this team different and why not get ‘bespoke’ individual coaching from one of the many triathlon coaches out there? By following this proven system designed specifically for real world triathletes you get a better result.

With the option to ask, share and learn from others and adapt your plan to suit you, you keep your training fresh, your body recovered and motivation strong by keeping the goal event in your focus for weeks not months or years.

We’ll keep volume low for as long as possible and ensure you are ready to train for rapid gains for your goal event. I’m not a triathlon coach who tells you what to do or how to train. I teach and empower you with knowledge through collaboration and a supportive online triathlon coaching community.

Whether you’re training for your first sprint triathlon, or you’re a seasoned Ironman triathlete this five step solution gets you gets you to the finish fresh! Make your race easier, gain confidence in your ability and increase your chances success by joining us!

  • Sonia

    I quickly gained confidence and raced my first sprint triathlon. I had such a fantastic first race, and my competitive spirit came through so I came back the following year and won!

  • Ali

    When I started training with Nico I could not swim a single length of the pool but now I can complete the whole swim easily!

  • Nico

    I knocked 2hours off my Ironman time with half the training by applying specific principles to my training sessions.

My Values And why This Is Important To Me

Nico Valla Sprint Triathlon Training PlanFor me it’s important to promote health and fitness for triathlon.

While often people can get fit, unfortunately this can be at the detriment to health, and while they may be linked, health and fitness are different.

Taking a holistic approach to fitness, and embracing effective training methods, specifically in the two elements of training and nutrition.

My unique velocity over volume method saves you time, and is more effectively for you, the real-world triathlete.

You gain better triathlon fitness quicker, with less risk of injury and burnout, plus you get to keep your job, social life and spouse with a more manageable workload.

A Little Bit About Me

Nico Valla Racing European Triathlon
That's me, Nico Valla racing in the European champs.

I get a real buzz from helping you achieve in triathlon.

I love knowing I’ve helped you achieve your goal and I LOVE to see your amazement when you achieve your goal on such a low training volume!

I’m a triathlete, fitness writer and creator of the Project Tri online triathlon training plans and  coaching team.

I have written many articles in different publications and I’ve helped many many ‘real-world’ triathletes reach the finish line fresh!

I got hooked on triathlon from a background in cycling time trials and mountain bike racing and I’ve been racing triathlons since 1999.

Since then I have competed on all levels and at all distances from sprint to Ironman triathlon, local, national and European and World triathlon and duathlon champs.

I have also managed to span the results board from DNF to winning, and I’ve shown that being second to last out of the swim can in fact result in a podium finish!

Helping triathletes like you who have little time and big goals, I focus on getting the most out of each training minute so you get much fitter in less time. Don’t be mistaken though – if a session is short that does not mean it will be easy. You’ll just do more work in that time!

I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your triathlon and surpass your expectations. My methods do go against the grain of tradition in pursuit of more effective triathlon training uniquely designed for you, the real-world triathlete who wants zero guesswork and a plan that works with life.

If you'd like to be a part of this, take the first step and get in touch.

Happy training, Nico Valla.

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