Are You A Beginner Triathlete In TrainingAre you a beginner triathlete in training?

Training for a triathlon or duathlon is exciting but can sometimes be slightly outside your comfort zone.

This is especially true if you have come from a different sports background completely, or if you have taken up the challenge of completing your first triathlon having never exercised in your life so far!

I have to admire you if this is you!

Having helped people achieve their first triathlon from the point of not being able to swim, cycle or run really is rewarding for me. And this is exactly who I want to help cross the finish line!

Beginner Triathlete? Set A Scary Inspiring Goal Anyway!

If you are scared of your big goal, this is a great thing because it means you are really pushing your comfort zone and when you DO achieve your goal you will feel the rewards and satisfaction all the more.

Do you ever think to yourself that you have never been athletic and that others will laugh at you if you enter a triathlon?

That you and triathlon is a world apart and that you can’t achieve it?

Let me reassure you that triathlon is in fact a very accessible sport and that you can achieve it!

So, you’re a beginner triathlete – so what! If you feel scared entering your first sprint triathlon, you need to feel the fear and enter anyway! That’s what’s exciting isn’t it?

Step up to the challenge! And if you feel you need support or guidance, or if you feel you need an simple but effective sprint triathlon training plan, then this is exactly who I want to help with the plans I write.

How Did You Feel When You Entered Your First Triathlon?

Sprint triathlon for beginners

Ali entered her first sprint triathlon and loved the experience!

Let me tell you a story about, Ali. She’s a beginner triathlete and entered her first triathlon.

She is a confident hard working professional who used to play rugby in the past and has dipped in and out of exercise.

Ali wanted a challenge and decided to enter, and start training for a triathlon.

With no exaggeration Ali felt physically scared at the thought of entering the race, she hovered over the ‘pay now’ button to the point that her friend who was sitting next to her had to press it!

Once it was entered however she embraced the challenge, followed a sprint triathlon plan and had some coaching from myself, and 12 weeks later crossed the finish line with an ear to ear grin and whoops of pride!

And what a difference in her fitness, health and mindset!

In that 12 weeks I observed her getting fitter, and beginning to love exercise. She’d get excited about training sessions and when she had a breakthrough she’d feel triumphant! I don’t know who was more excited about her crossing the finish line, her or me?

So well done Ali, I found this very inspiring and was very pleased to be able to help you cross the finish line.

If you’re also a beginner triathlete and you are wondering about training for a triathlon, I encourage you to do it, take the plunge, embrace the challenge, and achieve your goal. The rewards are fantastic.

If you want more triathlon training advice please get in touch. If you feel you are ready to start training for a triathlon and want a sprint triathlon training plan you’re welcome to download your free triathlon training guide here. Alternatively sign up to my newsletter in the sidebar of this article. Happy training! Nico.