Sonia Training For An Ironman TriathlonA very exciting weekend of Ironman racing and spectating at Ironman Wales – racing in Tenby, Wales and we were lucky to have mild weather.

With a 7am swim start, the water was glassy in Tenby’s North Beach, where 1500 athletes were to complete two laps of the bay.

Ironman Wales Swim Course

Marshaled by the RNLI lifegualrds to complete the 3.8km first leg of Ironman Wales, and with a personal best swim time of 1h04mins Sonia who has been following her Ironman training plan this season exited the swim in the top of the field and proceeded to a swift transition wetsuit removal and a 1km run to T1 where her bike was waiting.

Hilly Ironman Bike And Run Leg

Ironman Wales MapOut on the bike the hilly Pembrokeshire countryside was no problem for Sonia since she has been hill training. Her 6h30min bike split was conservative and a very important tactical choice, and ensured her run was superb.

How many people can run a 3h37min marathon, let alone off the back of a 180km bike race. Her best marathon time to date, and it was good enough to manage a top 23 position overall, and 6th place in her category.

Sonia’s overall time of 11h40mins was superb for her first ever Ironman triathlon, and it just goes to show that consistency counts when it comes to triathlon training.

Training With Limited Time To Spare

Just to inspire you, Sonia holds down a very busy job, and has been fundraising for the RNLI. She has managed to compete in her first Ironman triathlon and kept her training volume to a minimum, so she can balance her life’s commitments and not get injured.

So, if you’d like to train for triathlon, you feel you don’t know where to start, you want zero guesswork plug and play triathlon training plan, and you have a limited time budget, then check out my method, and join the newsletter to grab your free triathlon guide in the sidebar.

Have a great day, happy training. Nico.