Triathlon bike sessionThe graph illustrating another quality triathlon bike session (pictured) is the focus of today’s post.

It is a fantastic illustration of quality over quantity, sticking to my velocity over volume approach.

In addition, it shows how effective specificity and focus can make big triathlon goals such as the Ironman more achievable for the time-strapped triathlete.

Maybe You Can’t Seem To Get Faster?

Have you ever wondered why it is you train for hours but cant get faster?

Well let me explain. It is all down to a phenomena called the SAID principle. Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand is what all triathlon training sessions should be based on.

If you demand your body to work fast, you will be able to go fast in your race or event. If you don’t you won’t.

Interval Bike Session That Is Triathlon Specific

Frustratingly I often see triathletes of all experiences training long and slow for their race, thinking more is better, but because they don’t stress the body in training they don’t perform as they wish in the event.

It appears that the longer the discipline the more this happens, and Ironman athletes are the worst!

Not only do they commonly feel there is no need to go fast in training because their event is so long and ‘slow’, they compound the issue by doing masses and masses of volume, week in week out and with all the same variables.

People tell me ‘I don’t need interval sessions I just need to go longer’ and ‘I do this long route every week’ or ‘ I do these training sessions every week and I wouldn’t want to change them’.

Well, let me tell you, if you like to ride your bike and have endless hours in the world, your spouse is ok with you being out for hours each week, you don’t get bored and you are happy going slow, then that is fine.

If however you want to make your Ironman easier, faster, save time, keep your spouse and boss happy, train less and get better results then listen to the following two points:

1. Train fast = Race fast

The SAID principle applies to all aspects of life, and you triathlon training program should stress you according to your goals. Look at the graph above. The blue line is speed, and the feint line behind the 3 long intervals is 20mph.

The athlete in question has an option of going out for a 6h ride, slow, long boring (unless there is a cake stop or a picnic of course) and risk getting into trouble with the neglected family.

Or make a very specific session, at and above target race pace, half the duration, and much better quality. She wants to race fast, so therefore trains fast.

2. Train fast = Make Easy, Faster

Not only will riding the 3×10 miles triathlon bike session above target race pace will make race pace feel so much easier, but it also means she has time to relax afterwards.

If she had ridden at 14mph for 6 hours, it would still be an admirable ride, but could she seriously expect to ride her goal event at 18-20mph if she never rides at that pace. So, Ride fast, and your easy pace will be faster.

Simple, and it works. Train fast: Race Fast. More time for life outside triathlon 🙂 Contact me if you want more support or click the link to learn more about the triathlon training plans I offer. Or ask a question on the blog comments below.