Tacx Blue Motion turbo trainer reviewAre turbo trainers worth it?

This Tacx Blue Motion turbo trainer review will hopefully help you decide if they are for you, and how much you want to spend on a turbo trainer.

While this was originally a review on the the Tacx Blue Motion, I thought I would update you for 2018.

Update Recommended Turbo Trainers For 2018

Update in 2018;Technology progresses in all areas of our lives and when it comes to turbo trainers this is no different. Currently Zwift compatible turbo trainers are becoming more popular and accessible at all budgets.

When it comes to the Blue Motion from Tacx, my current recommendation on a similar budget is the Tacx Blue Matic Folding Zwift Bundle.

The Satori Smart Trainer is also a good bet if you prefer not to go for a bundle package.


Why Use A Turbo Trainer At All?


Winter triathlon cycle training can be difficult especially with the dark and wet weather.

Luckily turbo training makes it more effective and safer, and it is possible to have a very effective workout in a short session – under 20-60mins!

So if you hate the rain, you’re worried about safety in the dark evenings in winter, or you want an effective training tool that helps you save time and still get fitness rewards, then a turbo trainer is for you.

Tacx Blue Motion Turbo Trainer Review

I have been using the Tacx Blue Motion turbo trainer for a month now and I have to say I am pleased with it.

It is super-simple to set up out of the box, running is as quiet as expected, and it has a little bit of play in the stand to allow for flexibility and a more realistic ride feel.

The advantage of a basic turbo trainer such as this are numerous but for me the lack of faffing, no cables, no software, no gimmicks, allow me to train effectively indoors without the frustration of technical let-downs.

Tacx Blue Motion Turbo Trainer Features

The Tacx Blue Motion High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer is a basic turbo trainer but it is still feature-rich.

  • Super smooth 1.7kg fly wheel which gives it a real road feel. At this price it is an important feature.
  • The Blue Motion turbo trainer has 10 levels of resistance.
  • Soft Gel roller with life time guarantee.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • No faff or gimmicks mean you don’t have to worry about set up – just train!

Is This A Good Turbo Trainer?

Yes. For the money, this entry level turbo trainer is excellent.

It is super easy to set up straight from the box and comes supplied with the Tacx Turbo Trainer Specific quick release skewer.

This saves your expensive skewer from damage and ensures a proper fit in the turbo trainer itself.

The turbo trainer took me about five minutes to set up using the stock allen key provided. Once set up the bike is kept stable in the frame extremely effectively.

Compared to the old frame design found on my Tacx Swing turbo trainer, the new model Tacx Blue Motion trainer has a very stable platfom that allows for even the most enthusiastic exerciser to push hard with confidence the trainer won’t budge.

Tack Blue Motion reviews I have read online suggest this turbo trainer may be a little noisy, however I disagree.

I admit it makes a quiet whirring noise, but with a decent turbo training tyre, a sweat mat and a well oiled and maintained bicycle, this turbo trainer is actually much quieter than others I have used.

One feature I like to see is the 1.7kg flywheel which gives a good feel and ability of high power training sessions if you have the ability or inclination. The contact roller is steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee which isn’t surprising since it seems well made.

I do suggest ensuring there is no grit or glass embedded in your bike tyre if you haven’t got a turbo trainer specific tire.

I have known people to get punctures during a turbo training session as a result of debris embedded in their tyre. In addition to this there is a risk the warranty would be void if damage was caused by poor tyre condition.

Is Turbo Training Effective For Triathlon Fitness?

Yes! It is safe from road traffic and if you are busy it allows you to have an effective triathlon training bike session in less time.

I recommend buying a turbo trainer if you don’t already own one, and use it to ensure consistency in training this winter – you’ll see rapid fitness improvements if you perform effective interval training sessions.

There are big discounts available online which are worth looking out for too, making entry level turbo trainers affordable and faff-free training aids.

I hope you found this useful and if you would like some effective workouts to go with your turbo trainer, there are plenty in the team members area. Take a look at joining the triathlon team and benefit from daily workouts from the annual training plan as well as race specific triathlon plans.

For now though, happy turbo training! Nico.