Best Way To Train For TriathlonHello! Are you struggling to fit your triathlon training into your daily busy schedule?

And are you wondering how or what training is best to accomplish your goal?

Maybe you feel frustrated when you are at work because all you want to do is be training, or sleeping after the super-early start that day?

I know how you feel – I have been there! And it is my mission to help real world triathletes to reach their potential. Learn how I do this with a free two week test run of the entire Project Tri system.

When I first got the triathlon bug in 1999 I made a LOT of mistakes and I learned the hard way.

I used to train way too long, and way too hard, which resulted in a continual frustration of never having enough time to focus on any aspect of my life properly.

Always feeling guilty if I missed a session and always being exhausted, run down and regularly ill because of burn out. Don’t get me wrong, I did get very fit, and in great shape, but with what I know now I wish I’d done things differently.

I now train myself and my clients in a completely different method with amazing results! Personally I have managed to accomplish my goals in Ironman distance triathlon whilst working full time demanding job, having a ridiculously long commute to work and I still knocked 2hours off my Ironman time!

My clients too have experienced fantastic results on very little time training, just by applying the principles in the programme.

Focusing only on ‘real world’ triathletes with busy jobs, lives, schedules and other commitments outside of triathlon I show you how to get twice the results in half the time. Minimising training volume this programme keeps you on track with with manageable volume of training and a simple flexible approach.

What People Are Saying:

” I have just achieved my goal, which was to complete my first triathlon! I felt really scared when I first entered it, but now I have much more confidence! ”

“I was 1hour quicker than expected on the bike and my cycling has improved massively!”

“The plan was flexible for me to fit around my life and challenging to really push me”

“I had the best swim I have ever had, I was able to really push myself in the hilly bike and still feel great on the run, managing to achieve 2nd position overall! Thank you Nico!”

How Does The Team Work?

Through education, trial and error I have developed an effective system to get amazing fitness results in half the time!

The free triathlon training plan you can download is a great start but for zero guesswork and a much more comprehensive programme I recommend joining the triathlon team.

That is why I want to offer you a two week free trial to the triathlon team!

Access the weekly training schedule, plus all the race specific plans in their entirety, including detailed steps in all aspects of triathlon. This is yours to test ride for free for two weeks!

What’s In The Plan And Benefits For You?

  • Zero guesswork simple workouts
  • Flexible template to suit your work hours
  • Simple – no special equipment necessary
  • Time effective plan for busy people
  • Designed for the real-world person training for triathlon
  • Comprehensive nutritional plan for both sport and every day eating
  • Mindset tools and goal setting
  • Fitness assessment and progression
  • Annual team training plan (weekly schedule)
  • Race specific plans
  • This is a proven plan that gets results simply, quickly and sustainably. Stop wasting time with ineffective workouts – no junk training sessions – you just don’t have time for them!

If this sounds good to you and you want to stop wasting time on ineffective workouts, you want guidance and a proven solution that gets you the result that you desire, then this is the team for you. Sure, it’s different, but why not test it for two weeks risk free?

I can’t wait to help you achieve your big goal, so please accept my special offer and start getting real fitness results quickly. Before you know it you’ll have achieved your goal!

Test The Triathlon Training Team Free For 14 Days

Join the triathlon coaching team today – 14 days free. Follow the weekly sessions as part of a periodised annual training plan.

Ready to race? Then access the race specific plans – choose the plan to match your race.

Nico Valla Racing European TriathlonI am so confident that by following this programme you will achieve your triathlon goal that I guarantee it! After all it has been proven to be effective for the real-world triathlete over and over again.

If you’d like more information please email me any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them. In the mean time, happy training!

I really hope to see you on the team.

Happy training! Nico.