Eric Ironman Frankfurt Triathlon Training PlanIronman Frankfurt was a hot one. As described by Eric in his interview below, it was like cycling into a hair dryer.

Despite the heat Eric still has a fantastic race, largely due to meticulous hydration and race preparation, and planning for the heat.

So, if you’re training for an Ironman and want some triathlon inspiration or wonder what it takes to complete Ironman Frankfurt, read on for Eric’s story:

Eric’s Ironman Frankfurt Interview

1.    Tell us about your fitness background.

I started as a swimmer when I was 4, ran x-country at School and 3 marathons, then had a 12 year break and started doing Triathlon’s in 2000 with a £250 bike.

I have raced local and international races, including GB Age Group events both at Olympic and Long Distance events, I have completed 6 Ironmen.

This year I have completed Green Man Ultra in March (45 miles off road around Bristol), Paris Marathon in April, Completed Ironman Frankfurt in July (in 38 degrees!)

2.    What was your ultimate goal?

A Sub 10 hr Ironman and a Sub 3hr Marathon

3.    What motivates you to do this?

A personal challenge to see how far you can push your body to extraordinary endurance achievement

4.    How do you manage training with work?

I am more settled at work so can train pre-work, on the occasional extended lunch breaks and obviously after work.  I am luckily enough to live only 4 miles from work so cycle/run to work every day.

5.    What is your biggest challenge, barrier or weakness?

I am unable to self coach and just drift along without a clear plan even though I am a Level 2 British Triathlon Federation Coach, however I can coach others no problem.

6. Why did you ask me for help?  

Because I needed some focus and direction to put some speed into my legs If I could wave a magic wand for you right now what challenge would you overcome? Faster and stronger on the bike.

7.     What is your favourite training session?

20’s efforts 10’s rec and go again!  This is really tough but rewarding within days of the session.

8.     Do you integrate weights and resistance training in your triathlon training? Or is it purely swim, bike and run sessions?

Only once a week with Nico and some core conditioning every am.

9.     What is your best discipline – your strength?

In the latest Ironman I have to say the swim as it was a non wetsuit swim and I came out of the water 4 minutes slower than with a wetsuit.

10.     What part of the Ironman did you most enjoy?

The end of the bike and it meant I could have 2 feet on the ground and not dependent on two 23mm tyres and some carbon fibre to get me the 112 miles.

11.  What was the finish line like?

After nearly 12 hours of racing the last 100m worth every second and its what I had dreamt of during the previous days.

The announcer telling me I was an Ironman and seeing my wife and coming back safe!

12.  What do your family and friends think? Are they supportive?

Both my wife and parents are very supportive and I could not do this without them.

13.  How did you feel about entering, and what made you decide to do so?

I entered a year ago with a huge group of experienced and potential 1st timers so wanted to show them what a great race it was.  Also my last race in Frankfurt in 2011 the temperature was 12 degrees and I had to do better!

14.  What is your one piece of advice for someone who has set himself or herself a big personal challenge?

‘Anything is Possible’ Just break it down into small chucks and don’t think of an Ironman in its entirety or it will be too much.

Would you recommend entering an Ironman?

Only if you are completely ready and willing to self sacrifice 12 months of consistent training – there is no hiding place in an Ironman.

Can you make the cut off on the swim? Bike? and run?  If not you need to do some more training. The cut offs are very brutal.  A Half Ironman is not half an Ironman in effort!!

An Ironman is like no other event you will undertake, it will push you to the limit physically and emotionally and there are lots of variables that need to be thought about to ensure you have a successful race.

Thank’s to Eric for sharing your Ironman Frankfurt experience, and I hope this has inspired readers to consider Ironman Training or to take up triathlon.

If you are looking for more tips and advice take a browse through the blog and get started with your free kick start to getting faster in triathlon without adding extra training by overcoming common barriers faced by the real world triathlete. Hope this helps, happy triathlon training! Nico.